Who We Are​

We are a group of enthusiastic people from various backgrounds, but similar culture who have united to bring the essence of Durga Puja for the first time in South West England.

Bristol was recently been rated by BBC as the best place to live in Britain (2017), which makes an even more compelling reason to organize a social reunion of people from different communities. 


Nilanjan Das Gupta

+44 7861760642

Pooja Poddar

+44 7930316961

Mithun Saha

+44 7872343723

Smita Ghosh

+44 7970194005

Debabrata Saha

+44 7981133572

Sarbari Dhar

+44 7875496083

Aditi Ghoshray

+44 7816537603

Baishali Chatterjee 

+44 7596455158

Somen Pal 

+44 7778789202

Purbasha Bose

+44 7946210219

Sudeep Chatterjee 

+44 7432239097

ওঁ জয়ন্তি, মঙ্গলা, কালি, ভদ্রকালি, কপালিনি।
দূর্গা, শিবা, ক্ষমা, ধাত্রি, স্বাহা, স্বধা, নমোহস্তু তে॥
এষ সচন্দন গন্ধ পুস্প বিল্ব পত্রাঞ্জলিঃ, ওঁ হ্রীং দুর্গায়ৈ নমঃ॥
Auspiciousness of all things auspicious! O consort of Shiva, fulfiller of all our goals! Our only refuge! O three-eyed Gauri! O Narayani! Our salutations to you.

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