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For any queries regarding the events please reach out to any of the members listed below:

Neel DasGupta (07861760642)
Pooja Poddar (07930316961)
Mithun Saha (07872343723)
Debabrata Saha (07981133572)
Sarbari Dhar (07875496083)
Aditi Ghoshray (07816537603)
Smita Ghosh (07970194005)
Baishali Chatterjee (07596455158)
Purbasha Bose (07946210219)
Somen Pal (07778789202)
Sudeep Chatterjee (07432239097)

ওঁ মহিসাগ্নি, মহামায়ে, চামুন্ডে, মুন্ডমালিনি।
আয়ুরারোগ্য বিজয়ং দেহি দেবি নমোহস্তু তে॥
এষ সচন্দন গন্ধ পুস্প বিল্ব পত্রাঞ্জলিঃ, ওঁ হ্রীং দুর্গায়ৈ নমঃ॥
O, Mahamaya, Chamunde, Mundamalini, give me long life, victory and liberation. The flowers of my Anjali, I’m giving to you. Maa Durga, salutation to thee!

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